Pinnacle Orthotics, LLC

Welcome to Pinnacle Orthotics, LLC

My name is Jarred Gibson.  I am both a Certified Pedorthist and Certified Athletic Trainer with combined skills in prevention, recognition, assessment and rehabilitation of injury or ailment with specialization in      

My mission is to provide patients with exceptional healthcare utilizing high quality materials and education to enhance an active lifestyle.

My interest in orthotics grew from experience at the clinical, high school and collegiate settings.  Most recently, my interest was fostered as I worked closely with foot and ankle injuries at an orthopedic clinic.  Injuries and ailments to the foot and ankle can be debilitating.  Evaluating the foundation that we walk upon can provide clues to the reason why the injury or ailment is present.  Having a solid foundation enables efficient movement patterns. 


The initial appointment will last approximately an hour and fifteen minutes consisting of a thorough evaluation of the foot and ankle combined with biomechanical analysis to create an effective treatment plan to address the causation of the ailment.  The patient will be casted using plaster slabs in order to capture the contours and specific angles of the foot and ankle.   Upon completion the foot will be cleansed and arrangements made to return to clinic to dispense the orthotics within a week to 10 days.

Necessary adjustments can be made by contacting the office to schedule a time to return.